Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thank you Pamela!

Bread! It’s always a question for us. My Sister who also has celiac, and was my biggest resource when I was diagnosed adequately described GF store bough bread as space tiles. I would have to agree. I have found to my great pleasure that her suggestion of Pamela's bread mix to be by far my favorite bread in the world! I often take it my non GF friends and they can’t seem to get enough of it.

In fact, I have not met a Pamela’s product I didn’t like. They have bread, pancake mix, cookie mixes, cake mixes, and frosting mixes. However for my personal preference I go for the chocolate cake mix. It is so chocolaty that I can’t put the frosting on it too! This comes from a girl with a serious sweet tooth.

So check out Pamela!

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  1. My brother in law has this disease~ it's weird for him cuz he works for the bread company OROWHEAT. Kinda ironic. I found your profile on Thought I would check out your blog :) Very interesting! I will have to share the blog link for the recipes for my bro-in-law! Thanks!